Sri lanka, Muslim child marriages tragedy

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Through  such  activities , and do not violate human rights.?
Where are those  who are gender  rights.
What  happened Buddished government  of such  incidents, in sri lanka.

Thameem Fatheema Sharmila died “after being tied to a chair, poured oil and set on fire by her abusive husband.”
Another victim among millions, abused by a Muslim man who thinks it is his right to marry a child, own her as property, misuse her at will — even kill her — and be protected by his religion:
As the article states below: “Sharmila was both a victim of her husband but also a victim of the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) and the Constitution,” under which she has no rights.
The crisis of abuse of girls and women in the name of Islam continues globally, while Western apologists and Islamic supremacists scream “Islamophobia” whenever such issues are highlighted. Unfortunately, silence only enables the human rights violations of Islamic supremacists to proliferate.

Fatheema is a victim of domestic abuse of the most horrible kind you can imagine, married off to a man bearing the name “Mohamed Imran” this budding young girls hopes of leading a normal life were cut brutally short by her abusive partner.
Fatheema was married off to Mohamed Imran ( 22 ) at the age of 16, little did she know this sorry excuse for a human being was already married. She was taken to the Nallanthaluwa Kodi Palli Mosque in Munthaal Puttlam. where her fate was sealed. Fatheema was not even offered the luxury of a registration which entails a government log of her marriage, she just had a Nikka ceremony. For those of you who don’t know what a Nikka ceremony is by google definition it is Little did Fatheema know, she was Imran’s third wife. As per accounts of a woman who spent her days beside a suffering Fatheema, her marriage was abusive from day 1. Fatheema infarct had approached an official to seek help in filing for divorce however later it was learned that the police insisted on solving matters and united the couple once again.
ow I bring you to the most unbearable part, Fatheema now an 18 year old young adult who was 4 months pregnant was burnt by her husband Imran.
Imran had tied her up , poured oil on her body and set her on fire last Friday and is now absconding the police. It was reported that the doctors removed the baby from her charred body, and to make matters worse Fatheema is still alive fighting to live another day. Her face charred beyond recognition her body covered in bandages, doomed to spend the rest of her days in unimaginable discomfort.
Some of you who may read this article could be sixteen some of you may have daughters of that age and I want you to know that while smothering doesn’t allow children room to grow, protection is necessary especially in this day and age.
I’d like to assume Fatheema’s parents had no idea about what kind of person this Imran character is, I’d like to assume the police are doing everything in their power to seek out and punish the pig responsible for this atrocity, but according to what I’ve heard they aren’t.
If you’re faint at heart I ask you now turn away, but even then I believe one must be exposed to the horrors that plague our cities at the advanced age of 2017.
 can think of many things that Fatheema could have done with her life, the most basic being finishing her 14 years of education.
Additionally let me mention this is a story among the few that actually come out, so many of them are stifled down, so many of them are overlooked, as so many don’t care.
All of us, everyone who reads this are born of a woman and to think someone who knows that has the gaul to abuse another woman is disgusting and gut wrenchingly saddening.
What’s most important to take away from this is that these issues aren’t surrounding one particular religion, don’t be fooled by their names and the fact that they belong to one particular religion. Sexual abuse, domestic violence infarct violence as a whole transcends all boundaries, it is present amongst those of all walks of faith. 
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