Easter Sunday attacks:  Do not joke with any other committees to implement the recommendations-Cardinal

Religions Society

Those who don’t have even basic education shouldn’t be allowed to decide and act on the recommendations by the Presidential Commission of inquiries (PCoI) on Easter Sunday attacks, Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said today.

Cardinal Ranjith who joined a protest staged by the Catholics of Katuwapitiya together with the clergy, said it is the Attorney General who should decide and act on the recommendations made by the Presidential commission.

“Those who have not got through the ordinary level exam cannot be allowed to make such decisions” the Cardinal said.

“The government should publish the PCoI report soon. We are suspicious as to why the government is reluctant to do so,” he added.

Cardinal Ranjith reiterated that he would have to seek the assistance of international institutions, if action is not taken against those who are responsible for the attack.

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