who are the advanced species ?

Future World Science

    Every human creature in the same  sense as the ability to highlight the action did not. many of sluggish activity. and they are always acting without thinking. as a result of all these methods. sometime, are  paralyzed  i  not ,let us try to reconstruct the organism have  a problem . research vessel to mind, let alone the right data with sprung. can not be subjected to research mind . so even if the data are relatively not correct. destruction physical body his spirituality the problem is not worrying about the inner life activities appear in normal behavior, but species varying it is not so problematic . but at the moment the man become a place not fit to travel. this is because the fax is inconsistent with the spirit, physical body many lives. innovations generated through the system are customized microorganisms.

 therefore, their actions are limited. the design must be removed in the next in some places there is also a spiritual thinking can do extended here we come to a spiritual path should be found primarily. we can only be created through the life of a suitable control of the process if the earth .can only be a place for intellectual life.
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