The Secrets to You in Your Mind

New intelligence Science

People who have to live because of their birth, the attempt to live are diverse.

In each attempt, the person acting will be the same to himself.
It’s never been in the world. Two people are not equal.

Although the two Humans  born together at the same time, there is no single thought.Every person acts with the internal psychological world of his own.

Even  Children
There are hidden secrets in people living in such pockmarked minds.

These can be presumably mentioned.

All this is based on what is commonplace.

But none of this is completely untrue.

People with a high level of mental development, debate with the mind ,That debate cannot be given out.
Imagine a moment; do you really have these problems?
Are there implemented in your mind?
Otherwise, secrets that cannot be revealed
Is there a specific answer to this question?
Even though you do not know the answer, your mind is well aware.
But that secret cannot be swayed.
⧭Are you in a state of grief?

⧭Are you satisfied with pleasure?

⧭Time’ what do you say?

⧭Your only purpose in life is to be happy

⧭Is there anything you have in your life; is there a place to keep it safe?
⧭If you have a place like that, are you happy?

Finally, you have answered your own questions
Stable? Is not it?

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