The Earth’s people: will the concept be true in the future?

Future World Science

Today people  living on the earth live in different countries.they  are divided into races,  religions and  languages. they  also live in a way that is  culturally ,politically, socially and economically.
In this way ,the divided person  demonstrates, his power against one another ,destroying each other.

China does not accept America  as the world power. Russia is thought  of  as a strong  state in the world about the size and identity.
India and China are trying to show how they are a better nation with economic strength and lifestyle.
japan and most of the advanced  countries in Europe think this.

Also,same countries  claim to have developed  in culture and the language. people who  produce certain statements  on different variations, but who are the same kind  of  people.

After birth, on the basis of mythology, a developed psychiatric condition  does not rise, dies.
Most who die for this are only saving the mentally distorted  statements, and ideas of the society.   

by trying  to connect history with wrong ideas, people in the realm try  to avoid the signals of  life on  other planets.

In particular, people who act on religious  beliefs are by no means a developed race.
Identification of  future peoples should be that I am on the  organism. 

All people should use only one language the only food for everyone should be for life’s survival.

culture and identity should only be something special to the earth. other species outside the earth and one day our relationship with humans is to be called earth organism and  not as humans in each country.

If there are conflicts  between humans, they are similar conflicts between animals that are inferior. people with such a mental state  will not be living  on the planet with a developer mindset.

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