Mars, the planet from future settlement

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          Mars is still not the real owner, we are right now is earth now we do have setting. will reach mars, within 687 days, many peoples already are waiting to more there. planet live better, but we have to all beginners. by early flora, environmental balance environmental factors, aesthetic nature ,animals, time wave to them.all this naturally occurring things these days millions will take to grow.

 our physical bodies are also there before the wreck without prior preparation . cannot go there because of the desperate physical body conscious animals. about a hundred million light- years advanced beings living being  earth who has come wandering in the universe earth rocks each time with only empty. the planets in our solar all of life is not a breakdown.

The cycles of organisms during the visit. the earth has seen the environmental factors have been studied to determine the species and organisms. the preparation has required environmental factors they do not even have to use technology to improve their environmental, factors on earth environmental factors have been designed to go only to the chemical composition. later all the plants and animals have seen evolving .
Even the chemical composition of the new plants and animals are created more will do so in the future.
But the mars settlement system set up when we do not improve enough to create. so we follow the same manner, the environmental factors on the planet Mars, and the environment and to unleash. it first appeared on earth, as we began marking the first experiment with the user and other planet .
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