Sri Lankan-Ranil jayawardana wins again, UK parliament from North-East Hampshire.

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A UK politician with Sri Lankan origin, Ranil Jayawardena was re-elected to UK Parliamentarian representing North-East Hampshire in the House of Commons.

Jayawardena, who contested the election on the Conservative Party ticket, obtained 37,754 votes.

“It is humbling to be trusted with the votes of more people this year than ever before in  North East Hampshire,” he said, in a statement, on Friday.

“Not only is the UK almost lost amongst OECD countries ranked by the proportion of children and adolescents living in households with both parents, it is behind in recognition of family and marriage in the tax system also. While the human cost of this to children is impossible to quantify, the financial cost of family breakdown – children of separated parents bring up to 75 per cent more likely to face educational, behavioural, financial and health problems – is estimated at £47.5 billion a year.”

In the last parliament, Jayawardena had consistently voted against any investigation into the conduct of British troops in Iraq and has been a staunch advocate of Britain’s leaving the European Union

In the campaign, I said that I’d started my work for you, but there was more to do. I’m now going to get on and do it,” he added.

(BBC News)

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