U.S.A Rs 350 million on disaster relief. to Sri Lanka.

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     U.S.A has provided , humanitarian, aid to sri lanka.floods and mudslides, disaster,situation by taking into , consideration the increase of Rs,350 million . The aid official june 04  U.S Ambassador to sri lanka, was handed over by Atul keshap president Maithripala sirisena.
The aid will be used to provide safe drinking water, hygiene kits, emergency shelter materials, home repair kits, and critical health care services to stave off diseases. A portion of the assistance will be provided through Sarvodaya, a Sri Lankan non governmental and charitable organization.
The United States also continues to support long-term projects to reduce the risks of future disasters. USAID has provided disaster-resilient water systems to ensure safe drinking water, developed flash flood warning systems, and worked with government and local communities to strengthen disaster response and management capacity. In addition, since 2011 the U.S. Embassy has provided over LKR 2.3 billion ($15 million) to construct new facilities in schools and health care centers that serve as temporary shelter for those displaced by natural disasters.
The U.S. Embassy is monitoring the situation and continues to work closely with Sri Lankan government disaster relief authorities to identify further needs.

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