Suicide inherent in humans only.

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Suicide is a serious health and social issue. Suicide rates are a sign of the mental health and social well-being of the population.
Every country reports about suicide.

They can have many reasons.
Economic, social and cultural issues are fundamental.
The influence of the society, for people to become involved in this situation is important.

People in the Third World experience suicides for economic hardship.
In developed countries, people may be anxious, life-threatening, and depressed.
Although these things are socially different as a whole, suicidal mindset is the same.
To prevent this, every person needs to develop psychological well-being.
All creatures  naturally occurring. This happens when the environmental factors are aggregated. Something like this is about to end. It’s death.No other creatures other than human beings, will not lose their lives willingly. Apart from humans, all other animals do not have the ability to make a judgment.

Nevertheless, they are eager to be alive.
But with man’s effort to fulfill his requirements, a man voluntarily dies of his own life.
This is a problem that people cannot solve.

If a man who thinks wisely suits himself to suicide, how can he be called an intelligent man?
The people that take their own lives are the only ones that truly know what the reasoning are behind the suicide that they have committed. Many religions and beliefs say that if one kills their own self then the soul is never going to be in peace because it was done at fault of the person instead of happening naturally. In general, suicide is a true reality that happens every single day and it is a tragedy but if one person could reach out and help the poor soul that needs a shoulder to lean on then we should definitely try it

.Sri Lanka is ranked 4th in the top 10 countries for suicide.

Four thousand people a year kill themselves and that makes it about eleven people a day. If this does not stop real soon it will wipe out the community in a month or two tops.

 The fact they get depressed because of bills and not enough money will make them just give up. They see if the banks can not help or their job is not making enough and family just will not help then why stay alive. If they are not able to even get a job because of the education they they will say it is over and they have nothing to do with their lives but die. Gang pressure will make someone kill themselves also. The main reason though is because of money.

These places are so high in suicide rates that if it does not slow down or stop there will be nothing left. People will slowly but surely disappear. Without people being alive we do not repopulate. If we could find a way to help those who need it we may see these rates drop very fast but as of now they are constantly rising and could change tomorrow but for some reason I only see it getting worse.

 The fact that it is mainly over money or jobs makes it sad. They do not realize what they have because if someone else was that high up in a job then they would be happy they could provide for themselves and their family. Just do not plan a trip if you do not want to see or hear about someone killing themselves while you are there. To many go so young and this world will only suffer more each time it happens.

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