Spreads Covid-19, people are having their meals with others

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The most vulnerable occasion where the Covid-19 virus could spread rapidly is when people are having their meals with others, Director General of Health Services Dr Asela Gunawardena said.

Speaking at a gathering yesterday, he said there was a higher tendency of the virus to spread when people were having food together especially at weddings.

“People hardly follow health guidelines when they attend a wedding. People have never taken this seriously and added they are hesitant to practise basic guidelines when they get together,” the DG said.

He also that there were requests from people to increase the number of persons, who could attend a wedding.

“The number is irrelevant here. What is important is to abide by the health guidelines,” the DG underlined.

“Probably, we will have to live with the virus at least for another two years. Therefore, it is absolutely pivotal to adjust to the conditions and live adhering to the guidelines if we are to do away with the virus,” he added.

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