Patience is a mental development? Individual defeat?

Positives think

Many people living in society do not really know life from birth to death.

Before the time of birth, people do not have a time schedule.
Since the existing society is made by humans, every person must be adopted according to the method of society.
For example, children learn the language of older people.
In this way, the person who adopts the external society grabs all the activities that exist within the social system.

The society has various interpretations of the response of the individual to the challenges, achievements, defeats, as well as denunciations, insults and sarcasm.
These are all controlled by the way the person faces it.

A person’s passionate behavior in dealing with a problem varies according to the way he understands it.
And how is his response to a person in a peaceful manner in dealing with a problem?
These activities are defined as tolerance and anger by society.
When knowledge and intelligence are combined, patience develops.
To grow knowledge and intelligence, a person must focus   right on education.
Knowing how to be patient, is not aware of who does not receive true education
These people often get agitated.

Here, education is not the knowledge that is defined by the meaningful interpretation and reading of the outside society.

Psychological improvement should also be made for the comprehension of perfect   knowledge.
However, the methods of developing mental development in our society have not been included in the educational process.
Therefore, the patience of people who are still living in our society is a mental advancement and it is not seen as a defeat.

This process does not correct at all to compare with the activities of outer society.

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