People’ s resentment and a cabinet reshuffle in the government

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      Despite  what anyone what keeps the government argued.the international  flavor,accepted, or what cause the sperm inside the country. the government has become deeply unpopular.The reason is clear recognition that i cannot say, but the two parties in the governing motive of decisions and opinions asymmetry.

How  will the right way in a country to parties? How good is the country, not ideological,struggle? no focus, not on the majority  sinhala peoples until just happening in this situation ,people tend to increase, again in favor of Mahinda Rajapaksa .
The government has deteriorated to the point not to create public favor back from. the actions for trial or any cabinet reshuffle brought into this environment U.N.P  or S.LF.P by  the majority sinhala people are 25% less than a percentage in the hope of the Tamil and Muslim minorities are put to the government . this country’s future , will  not be so good pretext.

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