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Modern Sex Technique


1 Understanding sex
2 Sex and Its birth
3 Sexual Drive
4 Men and Woman
5 Male sex Anatomy
6 female Sex Anatomy
7 Sex Response in Males
8 Erotic Zones
9 Sexual Reactions
10 How to Excite Female Orgasm
11 Caresses And Byplay
12 Art of Intercourse
13 Ideal Sexual Positions
14 Separation from Intercourse
15 Too Quick Ejaculation -How to cure ?
16 Some Hints on Increasing Fertility
17 Birth Control
                                           Understanding Sex
Love is an art of pleasing should never allow himself any pleasure with his wife   unless he is first a master in the art of making her desire that some pleasure

              What can be more important in fact. that the study of the principle upon which rest the happiness of man and woman, by reason of their mutual relations, relations which are themselves dependent upon character health temperament are the social laws. As is said we need not fear to compare the pleasures of the senses with the most intellectual pleasures, let us not fall into the delusions of believing that there are natural pleasures of two sorts, the one more ignoble then the other , the noblest pleasures are the greatest.
                                                            Thanks to Freud and his successors we now largely believe sexual behavior and attitudes follow patterns implanted in childhood , when the mind is not impressionable .but here having a limited space in this book it is of little importance to go into the psychological explanation or believe early influences create a series of conditioned reflexes . The only important thing is behaviour , to be regarded in a new light suiting to our modern conditions and which would otherwise seem incomprehensible . All this remind us of contamination and repetition of childhood patterns.
   For example it is normal to be interested in excretion and urination in childhood. The discovery of bodily function is innocently fascinating for a small child.
Speaking of children who are much all alike , a girl will prefer to play with dolls whereas a boy will prefer to play with some other objects and toys than the dolls It is very hard to prove differences are physiological is true. or is proved by recent researches which indicated that there are actual and quantitative differences  in the hormones at an early age.

              The real  differences develop only somewhere near or between the age of 12 and 13. these are anatomical physical mental and emotional . Ina girl usually the hip girdle broadens , the breast  begins to develop and there is a further deposition of fat in the tissue beneath the skin which gives to the female form the rounded contours lacking in the male pubic and axillary hair develops and the menstruation begins.All these changes may begin as late as sixteen years of age in a girl and be within normal limits.
 Ina boy quite different changes take place.The shoulder girdle broadens, the beard as well as the public and axillary hair develops. The above changes are brought by , substances called hormones .
The period in which . the change begins in a boy or a girl is called puberty. The next is adolescent age during which mental, emotional and physiological maturity develops. And this is the age during which a growing personality must become completely .  socialized, so as to take a useful place in the society. But the training of the sexual part of an adolescents nature should be and is of importance. It should be looked upon as a privilege and a responsibility and not a problem for elders to guide younger persons in their attitudes toward life. And its a very big responsibility to show them the right itudes.
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