Kumar Gunarathnam gets citizenship and student struggles.

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                     Frontline  Socialist Party  leader Kumar Gunaratnam has been granted citizenship by Sri Lanka on June 22nd , the party said. Indeed, it is the outcome of a struggle. it is clear that this has obtained as a result of the intense pressure exerted by the party activists on the political authority. 

one the other hand, there  is no one who does not know this party behind the anti -student movement of SAITM.

SAITM crisis, it has been displeased with inside the government as well,inside the country  by now the crisis is developing  in the country to a political revolution.

A situation in which the Lankan student movement is agitated Kumar Gunaratnam citizenship is a real achievement ?
In today’s political vacuum in the country, the  reign  of Kumar Gunaratnam  will be the beginning of a new political  reading. 
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