Fraud, corruption and lawful partisan activities are the third world countries that are chaotic social systems.

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In the current advanced technology the world is divided by an  unseen method. It’s human freedom and  right to live.

Corruption is a bribe and legal partial activity because of third world countries with chaotic social systems.

Ethnic religions, as well as politically and economically split people, lose their right to live.
The main reason for this is that they are less valueless and less intelligent.
Nowadays, third countries in the world and many developing countries in Asia are confronted with this crisis.
The majority of ignorant people is destroying racist and political differences. In these countries, the rule of law and minority politicians, whose laws are legitimately formed, eradicates rule, oppressing the innocent masses of people.

A small amount of education has been replaced by a tragic social status and migrated to the developed countries by approving free, secure and secure systems of developed countries.

These countries have no program to identify these social problems and provide them with the right solutions.

These poor people in the socially and economically low-lying countries in these countries lack a strong foundation to change these controls.

The fairness of the law and the judiciary are in no way justifiable.

It is in the hands of businessmen who are politicians as well as irregular moneys.
Therefore, there is no way to achieve justice for the innocent people
These countries, which do not engage in an economically strong production process, are heavily burdened with heavy debt
The amount of money that many people earn daily is also not enough to live.

However, rulers are increasing taxes on commodities.
There is no program to escape the future or these crises.
Instead, they will get loans at high interest rates from countries  that do not care about human rights, such as China.
All this affects irregular education.
In fact, people living with depression cannot expect creative activity.

These are not considered as developed countries in the future. This is the same thing in that era.

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