Circular on burial of COVID-19 victims issued

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The circular containing the guidelines with regard to the burial of COVID-19 victims has been issued, the Health Ministry said.

Some key guidelines are as follows,

The relatives of the deceased should inform the Director/ Head of the health care institution (Where the death has occurred) of their desire to bury the corpse without delay.

The Director of the hospital/ Head of the health care institution should obtain a written request from relatives for burial.

The relatives need to provide a coffin in advance.

It is the duty of the director/ Head of health care institution to transport the corpse in a coffin provided by the relatives to a designated location in Colombo Institute of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (office of JMO) / BH Welikanda where the corpse will be received by the designated officer.

The vehicle transporting the corpse to “Nachchikuda pier” will leave daily at 5.30 a.m. from the designated receiving center nominated by the DGHS.

Corpse carried by authorized officers will be handed over to the respective authority at the “Nachchikuda pier” which is supervised by the area MOH representative PHI.

Burial will take place by the facilitation and coordination of the Police/Security personnel at an Island earmarked by the Government of Sri Lanka in the presence of relatives, MOH his representative PHI of the area of burial.

Religious activities are permitted only at hospital.

The relatives or unauthorized persons are not permitted to obtain photographs, video and video calls in the health care institution/s.

Only two relatives are permitted to be present at the burial.


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