President, appointed twelve new High Court judges.

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President Gotabaya Rajapaksa handed over letters of appointment to 12 new High Court judges at the Presidential Secretariat today (10).

Name of the Judge                                          Position previously held

  1. Miss. N.K.D.K.I. Nanayakkara                 District Judge
  2. Mr. R.L. Godawela                                      District Judge
  3. Mr. V. Ramakamalan                                 District Judge
  4. Mr.U.R.V.B. Ranatunga                             District Judge
  5. Miss.S.H.M.N. Lakmali                              Additional District Judge
  6. Mr.D.G.N.R. Premarathna                        District Judge
  7. Miss.W.D.Wimalasiri                                 Additional District Judge
  8. Mr.M.M.M. Mihal                                      Chief Magistrate
  9. Mr.Mahee Wijeweera                                  District Judge
  10. Mr.I.P.D. Liyanage                                  Additional District Judge
  11. Mr. J. Trotsky                                               District Judge
  12. Mrs. N.A. Suwandurugoda                      Senior State Counsel
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