Is the president the prospect of a clean government ?

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   This idea is conceived in the statements made by the president in these days. 

It  is a pity that president  Maithripala  sirisena  is engaged in a principled politics accepting  anyone  in this country.

It is significant that, even before and after the presidential election . it will continue without any change. he is criticized, for being unprincipled.individuals and a team.

The intelligent  people of this country are well aware that  a political and economic crisis that has arisen today is not the fault of the president .

since there are thieves and fraudsters in the Rajapaksa  government,  it is impossible to cheap the Maithripala Sirisena president’s efforts, to remove the government.

It is no secret that his success has contributed greatly to the intelligent people of the country.

after victory he tried to bring in pure rule by bringing all parties together. 

we believe that if you are embarrassed by the  corrupt and into this process, you  will not  hesitate to  remove  them.

It has been revealed that at present Ravi Karunanayake  is involved  in a large scale  financial  fraud related to the central bank bond deal.`

Due to this, there is a huge displeasure of the present government in the country only the president can change this situation.
if true evidence proved by Ravi Karunanayake, it is not ethical for  him to keep him in ministerial post.

Therefore if the people want justice to the people, the president  will have to make the right decisions now.

Sourcers : Nobody can form a new  govt, without my blessing – president  (Daily mirror)

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