In the future, the social media rules.

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  The  Hon, Ranil wickaramasingha , The Prime Minister of  sri lanka, recently that methods of  controlling  the activities of the social media and internet in the country through legal means will be mentioned.

The Prime Minister came up with this statement at the 28th Law Asia Conference in Colombo over the weekend.

“Modern technology society has changed the issues which the legal sector in particular is facing. For example consider the internet, Facebook. If you regulate Face Book and the internet is it a violation of Fundamental Rights?

“Many foreign governments are tackling it especially in the social sector and child welfare. These are the issues which we have to tackle. These are new issues which we have not even thought of,” he said.

Social media must regulate rules to govern. Cyber criminals, as well as those who mislead  ideas and  opinion , should receive legal penalties.

However, the service to the inter-social media world is no stranger to providing accurate information and protecting the rights a free person.

If modern administrators have a real need to go to a developed state, it is important to be careful when formulating legal rules on such matters.

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