Meteor explosion cause in Sri Lanka

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It was reported yesterday (18) night that lightning has spread in the southern province of Sri Lanka with a loud noise and a meteor collapses.

Astronomer Professor Chandana Jayaratne has expressed these views.

confirmed that the bright light and sound which was heard from the Southern Province (SP) this evening was because of an explosion caused by a meteor.

The explosion was known as a ‘fireball explosion’ and occurs after an asteroid enters the earth’s atmosphere.

“The asteroid could be a size of 50 centimeters. Every asteroid enters the earth’s photosphere at a speed of 65 kilometers per second. With that speed one side of the asteroid gets heated up due to friction and the other side does not, therefore causing an explosion,” Prof Jayaratne said.

“People who saw the asteroid entering our atmosphere at about 8.30pm, saw different colour lights. Most of it was green and yellow due to its elements reacting to the heat,” he said.

The explosion could have caused damage, but fortunately it broke into small pieces. People should not touch the parts of the asteroid because those asteroids can contain radiation, which cause harm to the human body and my contains unknown bacteria,” he warned.

The light of the asteroid was seen in several parts of the country including the Southern Province.
The Sri Lanka Navy and Air Force also confirmed that they did not detect any incidents

sources Daily mirror 

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