Tunisian women: allowed to marry non-Muslims.

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In the world by wise men, religious baseless repercussions are no longer valid.
Sexual need is a basic requirement for humans.
Such things should be free from religious affiliations.
Religions have lost fundamental rights to the majority of Muslim women living in the world.

Tunisia has overturned a law that banned women from marrying non-Muslims.
A spokeswoman for President Beji Caid Essebsi made the announcement and congratulated women on gaining “the freedom to choose one’s spouse”.
Mr Caid Essebsi said he wants to create “total, actual equality between men and women citizens in a progressive way”. 

Until now, a non-Muslim man who wished to marry a Tunisian Muslim woman had to convert to Islam and submit a certificate of his conversion as proof.
Tunisia, which is 99% Muslim, is viewed as one of the most progressive Arab countries in terms of women’s rights.

Human rights groups in Tunisia had also campaigned for the law’s abolition.
The order comes into force immediately and couples are free to register their marriages at government offices.
The Tunisian Association of Democratic Women estimates that nearly 70% of Tunisian women are victims of abuse.

Within Tunisia, women still face significant discrimination, particularly when it comes to inheritance. A daughter is only entitled to inherit half as much as a son, something powerful mainstream Muslim clerics say is enshrined in the Koran.
Amnesty International reported last year that there were few signs to show that things had improved for women since the Arab Spring revolution in 2010.
sourcerer BBC

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