There are no namer for future generations.

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Most of the activities in the modern world take place through modern technology.

Technology was created because of the thinking of human beings.

Thinking Enhanced Man is a great human being.

With such a small amount of people, the developed world has been created today.
Much of the work involves computer technology and mathematics.
The numbers, or identification data, have helped to make this development.

 In the developed world, many things are used to identify numbers and symbols. This is a well-developed method. This will be further developed in the future. Today, the people living are much more readily understood.

Therefore, in the future world, intellectuals should pay their attention to all the activities carried out in the numbers.
Using symbols to explain a certain matter and explain the meaning of the text is a more successful way.

By now, all the activities carried out by the computer take place through the use of numbers.

The language will be abandoned and communicated through the symbols when it is improved.
Accordingly, people living in the future will get a symbol in place of their name.
If not, the number will be.
By identifying the password, the identity of the person is determined.
Therefore, in the future, your nominal identity will change and be identified as a symbol number.

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