India’s population already overtaken China’s

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                      According to the demographers numbers.india, is now the world’s most popular country overtaking  china five years, ahead of  forecasts.china’s population may be smaller than the official 1.37 billion  figure and closer to around 1.29. billion people -less than india’ population- according  to an independent ,chinese demographer , china,s real population may have been about 1.29.billion  last year 90, million fewer people than the official figure released by the national  bureau of statistics the south china ,morning post quoted  YI fuxian ,a scholar and demographer .at the university of wisconsin-madison ,as saying at a seminar in peking university monday.

Yi, who has been a critic of the chinese government’s family planning measures and warned of an upcoming ageing crisis for china, said that the government had overstated china’s population since 1990.He suggested the ageing crisis may be  more severe,than expected.

According to his numbers, india  with more that 1.3 billion people is how the world’s most over taking china, five years ahead of forecasts
                    Yi, said there were 337.6 million new births,from 1991 to 2016 less than the  official figure of  464.8 million” the SCMP, reported, noting  that china’s official, figure  was 1.37 billion.
           Despite the population burdens faced by both countries, this landmark is being seen by most chinese, scholars,as a warning rather, than any cause for relief, with fears.of a rapidly deciling workforce and concerns, of supporting the world’s largest above 60 population.
      Yi, is for from alone in claiming china’s official population data is overstated . the government has overestimated the birth rate and underestimated the speed of demographic change” Li jianxin, another,demography,who is at peking university ,was quoted as saying by SCMP, anather scholars, Liang Zhongtang of the shanghai academy of social sciences also ,said official data, wasn’t accurate.
The population data since the adaption of one- child policy has been , seriously false and the family planning report has been overstated by 30 percent’ Liang was quoted as saying , the birth control policy which has last nearly four decades is not in accordance with reality it is imperative that the government should abandon the family playing system’.
Now indian population  127,42 39769
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