Bangkok: Forbidden street Food Authorities for Cleanliness, Safety

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Authorities say the ban is aimed at improving food hygiene and follows complaints by residents that vendors are obstructing sidewalks. However, critics assert the crackdown is part of a series of measures by Thailand’s ruling junta enforcing public order and is detrimental to Bangkok’s tourist appeal
“If you want to clean out all the vendors it’s like you are cleaning out our culture itself,” Chiwan Suwannapak, who works for a Bangkok tour agency, told 
As for the street-food festival, the NNT says the number of participating streets and vendors has yet to be determined but that they will include “major tourist streets in Bangkok.” 

Well, probably not according to the official dictionary, but having eaten and explored the street food in this culinary wonderland since 2009, I can say without doubt, Bangkok is one of the world’s best cities for food.
There’s food everywhere you look in Bangkok

However, though you’ll find street food everywhere in Bangkok, not all areas of this food haven of a city are created equal.

So in the confusion of Bangkok’s bright pink taxi’s, ginormous modern shopping malls, and flashy motorbike racers, where are all these neighborhood eating coves, these dining Shangri-La’s, these street food sanctuaries where a hungry soul can gobble down excessive portions of affordable and insanely delicious Bangkok street food?

If you are really interested in eating the best food in Bangkok, take a look at the ultimate Eating Thai Food Guide, an essential guide to for eating on the streets of Bangkok.

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