Corona virus, Police shoot dead inmate amid riot in virus-hit Sri Lanka prison.

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Prisons across the country has been experiencing weeks of unrest as COVID-19 cases surged

Guards opened fire Sunday to contain a prison riot near Sri Lanka’s capital where an inmate was killed and three wounded while protesting a surge of coronavirus infections, police said.

Spokesman Ajith Rohana said elite police commandos were deployed at the Mahara prison where inmates rioted against overcrowded conditions and demanded their early release.

“Guards at Mahara have used force to control an unruly situation, “four death (of a prisoner) is reported and 24 inmates have been injured.”

teams of Special Task Force personnel have been sent to bolster security at the prison.

Sunday’s clashes were the culmination of weeks of unrest in several prisons across the country as the number of COVID-19 cases within Sri Lankan jails exceeded 1,000 by Saturday. Two inmates have died of the virus.

Last week, a prisoner was killed when he fell off while trying to scale the walls of a prison in the central Bogambara region during unrest inside the jail.

Prisons across the country went into a lockdown last week as the authorities reported a surge in infections among inmates as well as guards.

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