Army Chief says to be prepared if patient numbers rise

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No intention of going for a complete lockdown

Considering the current COVID-19 situation in the country, Army Commander General Shavendra Silva said today it was better for people to be prepared with a stock of essential items as more areas could come under a lockdown if a higher number of patients were detected from particular areas in the coming days.

However, he said there is no intention of going for a complete lockdown except for isolated lock downs, if a higher number of patients were detected.

Silva said it was better to be prepared with a stock of essential goods that are required for several days but reiterated it all depended on the number of COVID-19 patients and associates identified in the coming days.

“We do not need to intimidate people or hide the situation. But It is important that we be prepared for any eventuality,” the Commander said.

Meanwhile, the General said that the Army was ready to set up more treatment centres for Covid patients if the number of patients increased.

“The President has instructed to take necessary steps to facilitate the treatment of all infected persons. Accordingly, we have informed the health sector that the Army was ready to provide at least 10,000 more beds to hospitals if required.

“No matter what challenges we face, no matter what waves we face, we are not a losing nation. We will rise as a nation,” he said.

Speaking on shortage of oxygen, the General said that he had personally asked the Director-General of Health Services every 12 hours for information on the oxygen requirement for patients in the country.

“Oxygen supply companies in Sri Lanka tell us that there are enough oxygen reserves at present,” he said.

The Commander also urged the public to pay attention only to the information issued by the official institutions of this country as some parties were attempting to spread false information on their personnel agendas.

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