Ukrainian tourists: Safari drivers say quarantine is not possible.

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A group of safari drivers who have taken the Ukrainian tourists on a safari tour in Yala said they have been asked to undergo quarantine for two weeks.

the drivers claimed that they had not been informed earlier that they would have to undergo quarantine process after the safari tour.

“It was only after we came back from the safari, we were asked by the Army to serve the mandatory quarantine period for 14 days. We knew nothing about this. If we had known this earlier, we wouldn’t have involved ourselves in this. Why should we spend 14 days some whence? We are given Rs. 700. We still haven’t got any money. At least we did not get any tips. Other foreign tourists normally give us tips,” they said in frustration.

“We are helpless now. When we are sent on a 14-day quarantine, how can we pay the leasing installment for the vehicles? Our families are in distress now. How can we feed our children and the family,” they lamented.

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