Canadian PM popular in the world?

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   His activities at the G20 summit in Germany this week are even more discussed in the international media as well as on the Internet.
But why is Canada’s 23rd prime minister so well-liked?


Concessionary policy on refugees.

n 2016, the country admitted the largest number of refugees in a single year for nearly 40 years.

In 2016, the country admitted the largest number of refugees in a single year for nearly 40 years.
The vast majority of the near-50,000 welcomed were fleeing war-torn Syria.
Just weeks into his premiership, Mr Trudeau greeted the first plane of Syrians as they arrived in Toronto.
He has also spoken frequently about his commitment to tackling climate change and denounced US President Donald Trump for withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

Mr Trudeau is a strong supporter of LGBT rights and became the first serving prime minister of Canada to march at the Toronto Pride parade.
When he took office, Mr Trudeau – who has often declared himself a feministnamed a ministerial team equally balanced between men and women.
Asked why he had formed his Cabinet in such a way, he replied: “Because it’s 2015.”
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His friendliness
At the end of his first date with his wife, Sophie Gregoire, Mr Trudeau told her: “I’m 31 years old, and I’ve been waiting for you for 31 years.”
The couple now have three children; Xavier, 9, Ella-Grace, 8, and Hadrien, 3.
The politician’s family often star on his social media accounts, including while dressed in their extravagant Halloween costumes.
He’s good-looking 
Mr Trudeau has been pictured playing rugby, basketball, ice hockey, paddling a canoe and photobombing a group of students on their prom night while out jogging.
He also won a charity boxing match before becoming his country’s leader.
The politician is renowned for his good looks, especially when images of his younger, shirtless self emerged.
Internet pages have also been dedicated to Mr Trudeau’s tight trousers.
He is a simple and enthusiastic person.
Despite a privileged childhood as the son of Canada’s former prime minister Pierre, Trudeau junior appears remarkably normal.
Before entering politics himself, he worked as a substitute teacher.
Mr Trudeau must be among one of the only tattooed world leaders, with a large inking on his left shoulder.
He has also admitted smoking marijuana – which he favours legalising – as recently as 2010, when he was already a member of parliament.
He’s not like Donald Trump
Mr Trudeau contrasts starkly with his counterpart across Canada’s southern border.
His pro-refugee, pro-feminist and climate change-concerned positions are marked differences with the US President, whose policies he has publicly criticised.
An opinion poll conducted earlier this year revealed more Americans would like Mr Trudeau to occupy the White House than Mr Trump.
Is he really popular in Canada?
Despite Mr Trudeau’s apparent popularity outside his home country, the prime minister’s approval ratings – although still high compared to his predecessors – are steadily declining in Canada.
Amid broken promises on electoral reform, Mr Trudeau has faced domestic criticism for approving an oil pipeline expansion and a multi-million dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia.
He also stoked controversy with a family vacation to a billionaire’s private island in the Bahamas, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.
Some have been left to wonder whether the media are too easily sucked into the Canadian prime minister’s numerous photo ops, rather than focusing on his actions in office.
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