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Chaminda Preethi Kumara in 2006 is a Sinhala novel written from Buddimatha Niamey. (End of intelligence)  Available in English language on the Worldceylon e news website.

ISBN 978-955-1548-06-3

There is nothing wrong with the author’s authority to quote, the book’s intellectual property law.

            First introduction
* If you succeed in working well, then you will definitely get them to Mars.In the next 124 o’clock, we go out of Earth.”You even remember me, “I do not know”.”It will not happen” “I will not forget you”You should be a good and intelligent person.only if that happens, You can take Mars to the planet.

* “Women like us, mostly in small things,These are your love, protection, and feelings! The great expectations of women.You do not give me a gift for flying vehicles, “If you can respond to these feelings.

* If something is to be systematically emphasized and removed from a human, it can be forgiven.But can you believe, at all times, a fiercely-minded woman to destroy all the people?

 *  We do not use these, we are the natural men who rooted in ancient society.We have customs and a good culture.These are very low-powered jobs, no survival, a mistake in history, but cannot be right now.It’s all over.


Terribly incarnated…
A wonderful metal sheet, would like to touch  the handEvery day, stinging, touching, both hands are now dead.Great enough for a lot of old metal, how much do you like it?Excessive alcoholic addicts may have a slight taste, but how does one not shoot it?It has to be used to drink alcohol.How can anyone who does not drink alcohol stop it, but who does not drink it?It’s similar to getting married and unwillingly deviously ten years later.What, lies ?Do not lie, just do it.
are that’s agreed to wife  it?

give must at the woman for an  alcohol drink.

It’s easy to marry in drinking woman
I don’t think now ” about tomorrow journey.
It’s a pleasure to think about that trip.
At night we can walk in the right way, but we cannot talk, and wake up.

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