About WCE News

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean.This is a Sri Lankans living here, in addition Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim.There is a written history beyond 2500 years. Sri Lankans live in every country around the world. But they have no other place in any part of the world.

Therefore, every Sri Lankan is the birthplace of the country the loves Sri Lanka.

This,THE WORLDCEYLON online digital newspaper for Sri Lankans living in foreign countries and local readers. Multimedia specialist and media journalists are contributing their abilities in The world Ceylon Publications; they present a good articles and expert analysis of their faithfulness and responsibility.

Its first start was in 2003 as a magazine. For a long period of time it was a magazine and associated with a large number of foreign readers.

After change structures and layout come to online newspaper.it has direct links with all our readers and makes it easy for us to present their ideas and articles in news stories.

Daily, weekly, news and feature articles are included here; the version of the online newspaper is comprised of all the features of a national newspaper.This is in both English and Sinhala. Dear readers, join your daily information, increase knowledge and understanding

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